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"Dumas MyBudget - simple, friendly and effective solution to create and maintain your monthly budgets."


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With myBudget you can create your monthly budget without needing an MBA degree to complete. It is simple but efficient.  You don't need to hide your budget on your computer because it is password protected and it has a cool look. Customize your font and background image with a cool user interface. You also have the ability to export your budget expenses to Excel. Download a 14 day trial version here at http://dumas.co.za/mybudget/mybudget.zip You can buy the registration key from Shareit at http://www.shareit.com/programs.html?productid=300316136   Only USD 3.00   

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Requirements: Windows XP,Vista with .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or    Windows 7


Contact information: dumas.mybudget@gmail.com









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