Diary Journal Software


With my Diary you can keep a secure electronic version of your personal diary or journal and even add photos. You donít need to be online to write your diary. Just keep a secure diary of your private thoughts on your computer. Customize your font and background image with a cool user interface. You also have the ability to export your diary with or without your pictures to a PDF document. Download a 14 day trial version here at http://dumas.co.za/mydiary/shareitmydiary.zip You can buy the registration key from Shareit at http://www.shareit.com/programs.html?productid=300309057  Only USD 4.25


                                                                              Diary Main Screen

You can add 2 pictures to your diary for each day. And set a specific background image for each day.



Download 14 day trial diary

Requirements: Windows XP,Vista with .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or Windows 7


Contact information: dumas.mydiary@gmail.com






 Diary Login Screen




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